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Flash Fiction

Take a minute... Live a Story

Come Back Each Week for the Pieces

Good fiction is almost always in season Serial Flash-Fiction

Non-Serial Flash Fiction

Sam Maxwell is Almost Done at the Academy Training Day
My Lessons Stick With Me Sandwich
Nobody likes having to stay behind Behind
Spend a Night on the Town Club
Captain Mackenzie Teaches (and Learns) About Being Afraid Fear
Sometimes One Problem Solves Another Relay
Here's your one chance... Fancy
Watch my back? Coffee
It's Captain Mackenzie's Number Six
I Learned a Lot About Life One Day Lessons
Forward and backward is a small difference Transmission
Sometimes my dreams are kind of creepy Dream

Short Story

The Goldilocks of the literary world... Not to long, and not too short

Lindy has her first assignment as a Guardian Angel All-Call
For anyone who has ever had to wait for someone they love Worried
Captain Mackenzie has her beliefs questioned The Test
Allison and George make a long trip home for Christmas Allie's Revolution

I'll be honest, I don't for one second think this disclaimer will save me from a lawsuit, but I'm going to throw it up anyways. All of this is fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, alive or dead, is completely coincidental and unintended. I'd sure love it if you didn't sue me. I'm just telling stories.

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