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Serial Flash-Fiction

Take a Minute... Live a Story.

Come Back Each Week for the Pieces

Antelope Season 2

Still Chilly Antelope Season 2 Part 1
Riled Antelope Season 2 Part 2
Don't Pick a Fight Antelope Season 2 Part 3

Antelope Season 1

Cal and Tiny Antelope Part 1
Light in the Window Antelope Part 2
Whiskey in the Bottle Antelope Part 3
The Trip Home Antelope Part 4
A Family Meal Antelope Part 5
White Ligntning Antelope Part 6
Special Delivery Antelope Part 7
Never Drink Alone Antelope Part 8
Trouble at Home Antelope Part 9
Spooked Antelope Part 10
James Henry Antelope Part 11
Cal's Plan Antelope Part 12

I'll be honest, I don't for one second think this disclaimer will save me from a lawsuit, but I'm going to throw it up anyways. All of this is fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, alive or dead, is completely coincidental and unintended. I'd sure love it if you didn't sue me. I'm just telling stories.

All content on this page and this website is Copyright Eric S. McMurtrey 2016