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Learning Art Takes Practice!

I have learned that seeing someone else struggle (and quite possibly fail) can be beneficial for others. Maybe they will watch and learn what not to do, or maybe they'll see that other people, if they fail enough times, learn how to succeed. There are a lot of failures on this page. There is a lot of learning, and... A little success.

Please come back and see me, and I'd love to hear ANY comments either here or on my blog. My email address is below, and a link to the blog is above.

I grew up watching 'Saved by the Bell'. Tiffani Amber Thiessen was cute then, and she has aged absolutely beautifully. I saw a recent picture of her wearing a red one-piece, and was amazed. There was so much to try to draw, I had to take a swing at it. Faces are so hard to draw, but to be honest, I got closer here than I have sometimes in the past. I know I didn't do her justice, but I had fun trying.

Isabel Goulart has amazing hair. No Question about it. She also has a penchant for posting pictures like this every so often on her Instagram so you can see her hair but not her face. *Grin* Perfect. Hair is hard, but not nearly as hard as a face.

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