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Eric S. McMurtrey

Hi! I'm finding it really hard not to try to wax all poetic, when, in reality, I'm just absolutely thrilled you've taken a minute to stop in and see who I am.

To try to answer that question, I was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I was a geek, I grew up attached to either a computer or a band instrument (I played the baritone saxophone and clarinet through my first year in college). I graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Soil and Water Science (which I have pretty much never used) before I moved to Kansas and started what would be about a thirteen year career in agriculture. Circumstances combined to move me on to new adventures that saw me dabble in over-the-road trucking and armed security. When a heavy equipment manufacturer came to town, I was lucky enough to find a position that I hope to retire from.

I've had about as many hobbies as I have career moves, the most obsessive of which has been collecting diecast toys, specifically trucks, industrial earthmoving equipment, and fire engines. If I wouldn't have found writing, you'd see me on the next episode of 'Hoarders'. *Grin*

My writing has also evolved. I'll be honest, originally, I was angry - I had a tough childhood, but I realized everyone else did, too. It didn't make me happy, and the written word is a perfect place to be happy. So... I try to emphasize in my work that the road might be bumpy, but there is always happiness to be found.

I do all sorts of work, from 'flash fiction' (which is my challenge to tell a story in a page) all the way up through a novel that is presently experiencing its second re-write. Every year, I do a Christmas story that I hope breaks the mold from what seems so predominant, and puts a smile on my reader's face.

I really hope you hang around and have a look, but, more importantly, I really hope you find something that puts a smile on your heart.

We all need one.